Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spinner YoYo's

This was one of those five minute pull together projects that kept my kids entertained for ages which is always a good thing right? I remember making them as a kid and they are still just as cool. You probably have all you need to make one right now, and if you like spinning tops you'll love these.

You will need:

Pens (if using white paper)
White card (we used the inside of a cracker box)

Step 1

Cut a circle from whichever card stock you are using. We draw around the lid of a Bell jar, but these will work big or small.

As we were using the inside of a cracker box we needed 2 circles for each spinner. We glued them printed side together so that we had the white outer side to decorate. Also if you are using a thinner card you will probably want to use two circles to give greater strength to your spinner.

Step 2

Once cut out you can decorate. As our card was white I had Lulu color bright designs onto the circles. If you are using printed paper you can skip this.

Step 3

Punch two small holes through which to thread the yarn. These should be close to the center and equal distance from each side. If you don't have a hole punch you can thread a needle to create the holes and add the yarn.

Step 4

Thread the yarn through one hole and then back through the other and tie in knot.

The loop should fit so that if you put one side over each hand you can hold your hands comfortably about hips width apart. My kids found if I made the loop too big it was much harder to use, but also keep in mind that its easier to shorten than lengthen the loop.

Step 5

Loop the yarn over each hand and position the spinner in the middle of the yarn.

Slowly twist the spinner around and around to twist the thread. This step often needs a second pair of hands for optimal twist.

Now let go and watch your spinner spin. 

Teach your kids to slowly relax and tighten the string and you will create a yo-yo spinner that winds and unwinds itself over and over again.

So pretty how the different color patterns create different effects.

It is hypnotizing


  1. Oh we loved these when we were young and so did my now middle aged son. Also loved the noise they made. Really fancy making one for old times sake! Thankyou. <3

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Ann, I think the best part of having kids is being able to redo all your favorite things from childhood!