Wednesday, March 8, 2017

'My Color is Rainbow' inspired Necklaces

Have you heard of the new book by Agnes Hsu called 'My Color is Rainbow'? It is a beautifully illustrated children's tale that takes you through the colors of the rainbow whilst teaching children about the positive qualities of kindness. The little white arch learns that he can have more than one wonderful characteristic so by the end of the story he becomes RAINBOW.

Inspired by the beautiful illustrations which were the work of Yuliya Gwilym the children and I decided to create some pretty necklaces to go along with the story. Heres a quick 'how to' and a few more pictures of the necklaces. They would also double as great book marks if you aren't a necklace wearer.

You will need:

A copy of my color is rainbow
Shrink Film
Hole Punch
Necklace thread and beads

Step 1

We drew some of our favorite characters onto the shrink film with sharpies and colored them in. Once they are drawn and colored cut them out leaving a small space around the outside. Hole punch the top where you wish to hang them.

As well as drawing pictures we wrote the key characteristics about kindness from the book to add to the necklaces too. My son called these dog tags, and is now happily wearing his rainbow dog tags!

Once you have punched the hole bake the shrink film in the oven. It only takes a couple of minutes to shrink down. Get grown ups help around the oven. Watching them shrink is half the fun, they curl up first but don't take them out then, wait for them to uncurl before you remove them. If any are still slightly curled flatten while still warm.

Step 2

Once they are baked and cooled you can have the children thread them and add some rainbow beads.

We created some individual characteristic necklaces too with the traits that were written out.

And we couldn't leave the Rainbow Unicorn out...

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, the colors are sure to delight and the positive kindness message that exudes from the pages are great lessons for young and old alike.

Spread Kindness