Blue Barn Reviews

"As a working mom, one thing I often miss is finding the time to research
and develop interesting arts and crafts ideas for my 7 and 10 year olds.  Sending
my son and daughter to The Blue Barn allows for their creativity to be nurtured. 
Joanna is fantastic with kids young and old along with different genders. Her
activities always range and grow based on my kids interested and focus. Time
at The Blue Barn is something we all look forward to. The only pity is I wish I 
could stay and join in the fun as well!!!"   Liz.

"I think kids recognize something truly, authentically good when they experience it,
and I know that's why my son loves The Blue Barn. Yes, I cherish the beautiful, unique 
creative projects that he brings home each week, but do you know what I love more?
The stories he brings home with them-- about the sunflowers on Mrs. Walkers farm 
that they used to create this weeks art, and about the goats she keeps and how he got 
to feed them. He's still engaged hours after he gets home. 
This is the kind of immersive learning experience that nourishes little souls. 
I'm so happy my son is part of it."   Kathleen

"The Blue Barn does an amazing job of integrating projects that include creating crafts,
mixed media artwork and fun science play. Children are engaged and delighted not only
by making artwork, but also with the charming farm setting thats sprinkled with goats, 
chickens and rabbits. My son is already looking forward to summer 
at The Blue Barn!"  Susan.

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