About Me

Hi I'm Joanna,

I'm a stay at home Mom of 4 kids who loves any excuse to craft, get messy and experiment. I love watching kids faces as they learn something new for the first time and the pride they get from creating. My husband says I never grew up, but really I just find the same things fun as I did when I was 8.  I mean what can be better than inventing, making and learning.

Originally from Wales I moved to the United States almost 1/2 a lifetime ago with my husband and after a few years of living and working in Manhattan we had our first beautiful little girl. We moved across the river to Brooklyn where she was quickly followed by her sister and then 2 little brothers, the youngest of which forced us to give up our city life and move to the country. So here you find me living in rural Connecticut in a Blue Barn with previously mentioned Hubby, 4 kids, 6 goats, a rabbit, a hamster and too many chickens. Life is good.

I started blogging because I like any excuse to play with kids stuff and I was going to drive my FB friends crazy if I posted any more antics. Also I now have a great space to share all my nonsense with the kids and so we do. I hope you can find a few moments in your day to enjoy some of our activities too.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. I fell upon your sight by accident and I am HOOKED! I thank you for sharing all these wonderful projects, in which simple household items or a trip to your local store can provide one with hours of wonderful art/projects! I homeschool my children and your site has really enriched our time..
    Thank you!!! Michelle- Wisconsin

    1. Thank you Michelle, such kind words and so nice to hear from someone enjoying my blog.

  2. Hi Joanne,
    We are school teachers creating a TpT meditation resource. We would like permission to your How to make a Baramometer. If we could connect, this would be wonderful.
    Thank you and have a great day!
    Janet and Tyler.