Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Window Spiders

Looking for a non messy Halloween craft. This was a simple idea and my little guy loved getting to use the scissors to cut his own yarn. Looks good on the window too.

You need:

Contact paper
Black yarn
2 Goggly eyes
Black paper

I cut a piece of contact paper and taped it to a window, sticky side out.

Next I handed D the child scissors and yarn and let him cut away - his current favorite activity. He stuck the pieces of yarn to the contact paper. (I did guide him for the first 2 but then he got the idea).

While D was busy cutting and sticking I cut out a spider shape out of the black paper. Then I had D glue on the goggly eyes. When he was done with cutting and sticking I gave him the spider to stick to the web.

He was so pleased with himself and its looking pretty spooky round here!

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