Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

With yet another snow delay and temperatures below freezing I decided I would create a sensory bin to keep my boys busy and give me two minutes peace. I hadn't realized how much all 4 of my kids would enjoy it, in fact my 9 year old was there the longest and told me how it made her feel calm, she is such a beach girl just counting the days to summer.

There are many different ways to create colored rice on pinterest. I think I found this on a site called 'happy hooligans' and I liked it because it only uses food items to create.

You will need:

Cheap White Rice
Food coloring

To begin take 1 cup white rice, place in a plastic container, I used an old take out container but if you have nothing like that you could use a ziplock. Add 1 tsp white vinegar and a few drops of your chosen food coloring. Shake like crazy, the kids liked this bit, you can stop when you have a nice even color all over the rice. Pour into the sensory bin. 

Repeat with as many different colors as you choose.

Once you have enough to fill the large container let the kids get busy with whatever cups and scoopers you have on hand.

And no matter what I add to the tub my 3 year old will always run off to get his diggers and dump truck!

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