Saturday, June 21, 2014

CD Maze

Maybe its 100 degrees out, raining or you just need your kids to sit still for a while. This is a great project to grab to keep them busy for a while. 

We made these at one of my REALLY rainy camp days. I was surprised how much harder it was for the kids to work out, I mean the kids are more than capable of completing maze puzzles but designing your own maze is a lot harder. You might need to help them out, or in my case I just let them work it out slowly over time, they've added to it and tested it out on each other and we ended up with some pretty good mazes. We did loose a lot of ball bearings so you probably want to buy extra if your out picking them up at the hardware store.

You will need:

Empty CD case
Black paper
Wiki Stix
Ball bearing

Step 1

Remove the inner plastic part from the CD case.

Add a piece of black paper cut to size.

 Step 2

Using Wiki Stix get the children to map out a maze through which to move the ball bearing. Have them think about a route but also dead ends and places the ball bearing might get stuck.

Step 3

Once they have finished creating, give them all a ball bearing, close the lid and have them test out each others mazes. 

The best bit, if its too easy or won't work you can move the Wiki Stix about until it does.

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