Thursday, January 29, 2015

Frozen Bubbles

So it is pretty cold here in the Northeast, not like Mid-west cold but we've not been above freezing for a while and as I waited to put the kids on the bus this morning the temperature was -2F (-17C), coming from Wales I think of that as pretty damn cold.

Now as often happens in our house getting out the door for the bus is a rushed panic as people suddenly remember notes that need signing, library books that need returning and gym shoes that need putting in backpacks. Once out the door chores still need doing, rabbits need feeding and eggs need collecting from the chickens. You would think that as the same routine is followed every day this would be a smooth operation but no, its like they are doing this for the first time EVERY morning. Maybe it's us but I don't think this will ever change, in fact if I try and create more time it just seems to get worse. Anyway, as we stand waiting for the bus this morning Bubba is emptying out his backpack on the driveway because he suddenly realizes I was right and yes it is cold and gloves and hat would in fact be a good idea. As this happens a bottle of halloween bubbles roll out.

Now my timing is often as good as the kids, I see the bubbles and decide 'right now' we need to try a science experiment I had seen knocking around Pinterest. Apparently when it is really cold out you can freeze bubbles, I of course tell the kids this and we just have to try it. Luckily for us the bus was late and we got to enjoy a beautiful morning activity.

Here are the bubbles. I was amazed, even with the cheap bubbles it worked.

So for this project all you need is bubble liquid and a bubble wand. As I looked it up later most sites had made their own bubbles, we have a recipe here. I also see the colder the temperature the better it works, for us at -2F only the bubbles that settled on the ground froze. Also it was not at all windy and I imagine this would be tricky on a windy day.

The frozen bubbles were awesome to look at, rather than popping they just slowly deflated. These first few pictures I took with my iPhone as we waited for the bus. After the bus came I took D outside to show him the bubbles and I took my good camera to get a few more pictures.

Soon the driveway was littered with frozen bubbles.

Instead of popping they looked more like smashed eggs over the driveway. We are going to have to try this again with homemade bubble solution, it's much thicker and will last longer. Just imagine using our giant bubble wands.

As a side note the kids also discovered something else as we waited for the bus. They are naming it 'snow chalk'. The driveway was so cold they were able to draw with lumps of snow. Pictures shared below, 

From hectic rush out the door to a calm beautiful way to start our day. I'm glad our bus was late today.

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