Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice Candles

Happy Winter Solstice

It is so good to think that from here on out our days are getting longer, every day (well here in the North anyway)  we will be moving closer to summer. Depending on how far north of the equator you live you will be effected by greater or lesser extent. I recently read that ancient people thought during the long dark days of winter the sun was going away for good.  They became concerned that they would have to live in perpetual darkness. No wonder so many religious holidays fall around this time of year and celebrate with lights, the transition to longer days is something to celebrate and light becomes the obvious symbol of hope in the darkness.

So today we are going to be making something I remember making as a child. We will be making orange pomanders. They are incredibly easy to make and smell SO good, often they are just decorated oranges so if you want to leave the candle out and just use them as a room decoration you can and they make your home smell wonderful. But given its the solstice and we've been talking about light we will be adding candles to ours.

You will need:

Glue or as we used glue dots
A small candle

Step 1

Begin by gluing the ribbon around the orange in whichever direction you choose to go. 

Step 2

And this really shows how easy it is, begin sticking the cloves through the orange skin using the spiky end of the clove.

Continue this moving around in a circle. 

Or a line.

The way you choose to decorate with the cloves is completely up to you. Some go for maximum coverage. Others a patterned design.

Step 3

Cut away the skin at the top with a  sharp knife if you are going to add the candle. 

And your done all thats left is for the candle to be lit and the subtle smell of oranges and cloves enjoyed on this Winter Solstice.

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