Friday, April 7, 2017

Easter Bunny Necklace Pouch

Spring is here. Easter is right around the corner and I was thinking how I hadn't nearly got my A game on this year in regards to crafts pre the spring season. My son was home for 2 weeks having had a surgery and I seemed to skip March because of it! Anyway this quick project doesn't require too much planning and only some simple supplies; scraps of felt, embroidery thread and a few beginner sewing skills. It was well received by the kids and I thought it worth sharing so that your young sewers could make one too.

You will need:

Embroidery thread
Needle - both for embroidery thread and the yarn

Step 1

Print template and cut out shapes. Use the template shapes to create and cut one pouch and two bunnies from the felt.

Step 2

Take one of the bunnies and sew on details such as eyes, nose and ears. Always start with your thread on the back then you won't see any of the knots.

Step 3

Once you have completed the details take the second bunny shape you cut and line it up on the back. Take the embroidery thread and sew the two pieces together around the edges.

Sew the entire way around the bunny and knot the end. you now have a little tiny bunny ready to place in the pouch. If you like you can glue a small pompom or bead to the back of the bunny as its tale.

Step 4

The pouch. Take the other piece of felt you have cut and fold in half so the edges line up. Using a length of yarn about 2 foot long and a yarn needle, thread one end through the marked hole on the pouch. Repeat on the other side and tie two knots.

Now using embroidery thread again sew around the edge of the pouch - don't sew the top opening you need to put the bunny in there. As you reach the corners fold the two triangles that are wider over the top of the knots you tied in the yarn, this will hide them and help secure them.

All done! Told you it was easy, a great first sewing project because its small and finished quickly.

Now you can put the sweet little bunny in its pouch and carry him around as you hunt for easter eggs.

Perfect. Happy Spring to you all.

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