Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Festive Wall Hanging

With the Holidays just around the corner its time to get our Holiday groove on, and I for one am super excited. Between now and Christmas I have lots of surprises up my sleeve so stay tuned! I am kicking it all off today with these ab-fab recycled wall hangings.  This kid friendly wall hanging is super easy for an elementary aged kid to pull together solo or even your preschooler with a little parent guidance. And I guarantee it will look beautiful hanging on anyones wall. 

You will need:

An old pair of jeans or denim fabric
White acrylic paint
An old credit card or gift card
White yarn
Metallic embroidery thread
A wooden dowel

Step 1

Pour your paint onto a plate or flat surface. Taking your credit card dip the long edge into the paint and then drag it lengthways down the center of your material. This is going to be the tree trunk, you might want to repeat this step a couple of times to create a definite line.

Once you have painted the trunk flip your card around and using the short edge dip it into your paint. Now dab it down the trunk at a slight angle to create the branches of the tree. Pressing it down creates a line, if you drag it slightly on the fabric you'll create what I call the 'snow laden' look. Repeat this down both sides of the tree trunk.

Once done leave the paint to dry.

Step 2

Once the paint is dry you can begin to add embellishments to your tree. Depending on the age of your child you can decorate in different ways. I encouraged my older daughter to use this metallic embroidery thread I found at our local craft store. If you don't have metallic a soft grey or sparkly yarn would also work.

We began by stitching a star onto the top of the tree. We also stitched along some of the branches to make them sparkle in the light and added a few snowflakes by knotting the yarn in spots in the background.

If you have a younger child an alternative would be too let them glue sequins or glitter on for the star and snowflakes.

Step 3

If you use glue to add the sparkle wait for it to dry first. Then flip your material over and taking your wooden dowel glue it along the top edge of the fabric. I used my hot glue gun for this bit but elders would work just as well you would just have to pin it in place as it dries.

Step 4

The final part is to add the white yarn to the picture. Using school glue make lines under the tree 'as snow' then cutting strands of yarn stick them to the glue.  

Finally, make two mini tassels. I did this by wrapping yarn around my fingers a few times and then tying a loop at one end I cut the other end. My daughter then threaded this loop onto the dowel and we tightened it by pushing up the tied knot. 

Now all thats left is to go hang it up somewhere and look forward to lots more holiday fun! Please stop by frequently in December to see what we are up to. Its going to be a lot of fun.

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