Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Cottontail Rabbit Painting

It is hard to believe Spring is right around the corner as I sit here in Connecticut with snow falling again - its March 12th!  At this rate my kids will be digging for their easter eggs in the snow. However, despite the freezing temperatures and bright white fluffy stuff falling all around me I know that Easter is just a couple of weeks away and this simple Bunny art makes a fun painting activity for your little one and leaves you with a wonderful piece of artwork to hang on the wall this Spring.

You will need:

A bunny stencil - we created this by printing off a print of a bunny online and tracing the outside edge.
Exacto knife
Mixed Media/watercolor paper
Cotton balls

Step 1

Have a grown up cut the bunny shape out of a piece of thick paper stock or card. We used an Exacto knife but scissors are great if you don't have a knife, just remember not to cut through from the outside of the paper.

Once you've cut the rabbit shape out of the paper tape it to the top of a piece of thick mixed media paper.

Step 2

Set out paint, I let each child choose three colors. I recommend you try to avoid mixing the three primary colors if you don't want a muddy bunny. For examples think using yellow/blue/green or pink/red/white or blue/grey/lilac.

Now instead of brushes take a cotton ball and peg and create a brush. For a bit of fun I told the children the cotton balls were rabbit tails (one little boy did look at me quite disturbed until I whispered we were just pretending in his ear lol).

Taking the cotton ball tell the children to hop like a bunny over the paper. Encourage them to fill the whole space with the three colors, its fine if they go over the edges the template will give you the rabbit when you lift it up.

Step 3

Once they are all done painting carefully lift off the stencil to reveal your bunny - wait for the ooh ahh the kids really love this moment and are always so delighted to see their finished rabbits.

If you want once the paint is dry glue a clean cotton ball to the rabbits tail.

These pictures are sure to delight both the Moms and kids. I'd like a couple framed myself to decorate my Dining room wall this Easter.

Welcome Spring!

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