Monday, October 29, 2018

Andy Warhol Skulls

Halloween seems like the perfect time to recreate the Andy Warhol skulls in an art study for kids, and even if its not Halloween this is still a pretty fun project to try any time. Plus, this collage method makes it really easy for everyone to take home their very own famous piece of art.

You will need:

4 different color papers - 2 sheets of each
A printer
Elmers Glue
A skull image the one we printed is here

Step 1

Load your printer with one sheet of each color paper and print the skull image onto the sheet of paper.

Step 2

Carefully cut around the outside of the skull, make sure you start cutting from the bottom of the piece of paper as your going to be using more of the paper later on so you need to have the cut at the bottom.

Repeat with each skull image until you have four skulls in different colors.

Step 3

Next take each piece of paper left from cutting out the skulls and slice straight across so you have the shaded top part of the image to use.

Step 4

The last piece of cutting  you'll need to do is cut a shadow scrap from the discarded pieces of paper, depending on the color of paper your working with if you look carefully you might be able to make out the shadow from the original printed image but if not just cut a small curved shape similar size to the size of the lower part of the skull. 

Step 5

Now each child should be able to mix and match using the remaining 4 pieces of paper and the cut out items. You want to have one piece of each color. For example if you have a blue background you have a yellow sky, red skull and turquoise shadow. They also will each require a glue stick.

Step 6

Glue each piece onto the background paper to recreate the original skull photo. To begin add a sky. Then add the skull, you might need to angle it slightly so it fills the space in the background. Finally add the shadow under the skull.

You can repeat four times if your doing this at home with your kids or if in a classroom use lots of colors of paper and see how many different variations you can create. Have fun with it. What else could you create this way? Find other images to print out on colorful paper and create your own Warhol images.

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