Monday, December 3, 2018

Decorate Santa's Beard

So we've all seen the glitter beard trend right? Well why not Santa? He's feeling left out and needs a little jazz and sparkle this year so lets decorate his beard! This is a super easy project to set up and your little one will enjoy picking out special pieces to Santa the best beard in town. Remember to print one for yourself too - crafty christmas fun is not just for kids plus what can be better than sitting with your little one playing christmas music and getting your craft on.

You will need:

Download and print the Blue Barn Santa Printable

Puffy paint - we mixed 1 part white glue and 2 parts shaving foam to make ours

Decorations - sequins, ribbons, straws, beads, glitter, buttons, pom poms (really whatever you have at hand)

Step 1

Mix up the puffy paint and apply paint liberally to the areas you wish to decorate, his beard, maybe hat and eyebrows too it you want him to really sparkle!

Step 2

Set out the pieces you have to decorate the beard with.  Remember scissors to cut ribbons and straws etc. Encourage your children to  pick out the pieces and add them to the foamy paint.

Then once you have added all the sparkle leave them flat to dry, the puffy paint takes about 24hrs to dry but it will dry all puffy when it does and then you can hang it on the wall for Santa to see on Christmas Eve.

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