Monday, February 9, 2015

Foil Art

Today here at the Blue Barn saw us with yet another snow day for the kids. I'm sure everyone has seen Bill Murray in Ground hog Day; well thats life here in our little town this winter. You wake up to the school district ping of another snow day or delayed start, more snow, sleet and ice rain. 

Today's snow day was not the sort where you end up sledding down a hill or building a snowman, but more the sort that you never quite make it out your PJ's. As such I had four kids home to entertain. By 10am we had already made and iced cupcakes, completed the necessary 80 Valentines and one school project that had been neglected over the weekend. By 11am they had exhausted the dress up selection and were chasing each other around the house with swords and light sabers. 

For my own sanity I decided to test out a new craft idea on them. I had seen it kicking around the internet; it seemed relatively simple, plus I had all the supply's, hurray.  Two out of the four kids jumped at the idea and as dividing the masses often leads to peace and tranquility (well within reason right?! We are talking four children still under one roof) I went ahead. Whilst my middles continued to play imaginary games that seemed to involve emptying out every toy bin in the house the biggest and little got crafty with me. Fun.

You will need:

Aluminium Foil
Hot Glue Gun
Card (we used the inside of a cereal packet) 

Step 1

Draw a simple design on the card. You will be tracing this design with the glue gun so don't have lines too close together. With younger children the larger areas are easier for them to fill.

Step 2

Trace the lines with the hot glue gun. If you don't have a hot glue gun you could instead glue a strand of yarn into the pattern you want.

Step 3

Take a fresh piece of foil and carefully flatten it over the pattern. Press down carefully to get an embossed look. Try not to rip the foil. Looby (Aged 10) was able to complete all this herself but I helped D (age 4) with both the hot glue gun and foil part.

Step 4

Once the foil has been flattened over the front of the card tuck any loose edges behind. Then using the sharpies color all the sections on the foil. Do not color over the raised lines.

Here is D's mugshot with his finished piece.

Looby REALLY enjoyed this and it kept her busy for a few hours of the afternoon.

The effect once they are colored is lovely and they are really brightening up our walls on this gray winters day.

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