Monday, February 16, 2015

Hot Rocks Art

Over at the Blue Barn this past Friday we had lots of fun during camp on a cold snowy day with these beautiful rock creations. They were super simple to do and the kids all created such pretty creations I decided it worth sharing here. We were limited by the number of rocks we had on hand as our yard and all rocks are under 2 foot of snow so we had to use our summer rock collections (luckily for me, my kids are all rock hoarders and I had a bucket in the garage) but we will absolutely be repeating this in the warmer weather.

You will need:

Rocks (washed)
Oven to heat rocks

Step 1 

Heat the rocks, we did it on the top of our old wood burner and they got super hot but you can also do this in the oven. Heat oven to about 200 F.

After rocks are warm have an adult remove them with a towel. Warn kids that the rocks are warm, this is not a project for young children who do not understand 'hot'. Place rocks on a heat proof surface and let the kids create.

Step 2

Using the crayons 'draw' your design onto the rocks. The heat of the rock should be enough to gently melt the crayons. If the rocks are not melting the crayon you can place them in the oven for a little longer. Some of the kids at camp drew a picture others simply enjoyed watching the crayons melt to create a marbling effect of swirly colors.

Once the designs are finished leave the rocks to cool down fully. The effects were gorgeous.

The kids loved this project, the only thing I would say is make sure you have plenty of rocks and crayons because they will all want to do more than one.

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