Monday, February 6, 2017

Sew a Valentine Softie

Have you been following our sewing posts? Others include our sew a softie butterfly from last summer and our cookie cutter gingerbread play set this past Christmas. These posts are part of the 'Sew a Softie' campaign started by Trixi over at the website Coloured Buttons, she lives in Australia and is a sewing teacher dedicated to bring sewing to the next generation. She started these sew a softie challenges to encourage kids to start sewing, and organized a collection of bloggers to get together at various points in the year to share simple sewing projects aimed at children.  

So today we are going to create some pretty hand stitched flowers. These would make anyone smile and make a great alternative to fresh flowers this Valentines. Plus they last forever.

You will need:

Poly filler
Embroidery thread
Wooden dowels
Print Template

Step 1

Placing two pieces of felt together use the template to draw one of the two flowers on to the top piece. Cut them out so you have two identical pieces. Sew or glue a button onto the middle of one of the flowers. 

Step 2

Begin sewing the two cut flower shapes together. Sewing all around the outside of the flower.

When you get so there is only one petal left to sew stop.

Step 3

Using glue attach the wooden dowel to the inside of the flower. We used the hot glue gun but a fabric glue would work as well. 

Once the dowel is in place and dried (if using a fabric glue) you can stuff the flower with the poly fill.

Once you have stuffed the flower we finished up stitching around the base of the flower. If its a little awkward around the wooden dowel get an adults help.

We finished our flowers off with a little ribbon and a love token. Who wouldn't be excited to receive one of these handmade gifts this Valentines?

Happy Valentines Day to you all 😘


  1. Love your flowers and those button centres are perfect!! And they really are such a lovely alternative to fresh flowers. Thanks again for being part of Sew a Softie day again :)