Sunday, March 9, 2014

Car take-a-long

So following on from the re-purposed Altoids tins I made in February with the girls, today I created a mini-take along car kit for my boys. Buba had been given some tiny die cast cars for his last birthday which D loves to take everywhere. When I asked D what game he'd like he said a road map and so I got crafting.

You will need:

Altoids tin
Green Felt
Gray Felt
Yellow embroidery thread

I began by lining the tin with the green felt and gluing it down. Next I cut strips of the gray in various lengths and stitched a line down the center using the embroidery thread. I glued a couple of the 'roads' into the tin and left the rest loose so that the road could be built up. I added the tiny cars and now we have our very own take along car track for our cars.

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