Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fairy light lantern

It's been busy here this week, on top of the usual craziness that comes with four children I'm gearing up to run my first summer camp. This is super exciting for me but has led to far too much time researching fun things to try in the summer and less time thinking of things I can do now while we enter March with snow on the ground. I am so done with snow, I love the first storm or two but now I'm itching to get going in my garden.

Anyway today Looby and I made a spring lamp out  of a deli container so I thought we'd share it. Our color inspiration came from some beautiful spring Pansy's I have on my table. I love how it turned out, now I'm just trying to work out how I can make it even more environmentally friendly by using a solar light, I have found mason jar lids but nothing smaller. Any tips drop me a comment.

You will need:

Clear plastic container - we used one that had had olives in it
Tissue paper
Small light, I used a small self contained light LED I found here on Amazon but you could glue in a battery operated tea light.
String / ribbon

Step 1

Begin by making a small hole in the bottom of the plastic container, thread the string through and attach the bulb. 

Step 2

Looby took over for the next part and covered the container with squares of tissue paper using modge podge.

Step 3

Once it was dry she added some flower stickers to the outside and cut a doily to use as a fringe on the bottom. Super pleased with herself and it was even better in the dark when we turned out the lights.

These would be so pretty hung around the garden in summer, shame its too cold now!

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