Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bird Nester

As the snow slowly starts to melt here and you realize that we may actually see grass again you have this wonderful feeling that Spring really is just around the corner.  Its the time of year we remember as new beginnings, the bulbs appear the days get longer and you begin to see the birds scouring your yard for anything that may make a good nest.

I am lucky to live in an area where we have a lot of birds and so I love to help them if I can. I saw a 'nester' sack in the garden center the other day with the kids and we decided this would be a simple thing to make ourselves.

You will need:

Netting sock mine was re-purposed from a box of plums I had bought
Natural fibers - cotton balls, pet fur, feathers
Twigs, straw

Tie the netting at the bottom if you need to. Cut your yarn into pieces 2-4 inches in length. Stuff the fibers into the sock, have the yarn, twigs etc stick out the side holes in places. Tie up the top and string it up to a tree in a safe area of your yard where you see a  lot of birds.

Now you just need to wait and see if any of your helpful building tools end up in a nest. We added our twigs and straw after this picture was taken - at the time it was still too snowy but a couple of 50 degree days and we have boggy brown looking grass appearing again. Come on spring...

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