Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tin Can Bird Feeder

Finally back after going AWOL for a couple of weeks, it feels good to get posting again. The snow has melted and we are gearing up for Spring and I love the latest bird feeder Looby and I made - so do our feathered friends.

You will need:

Tin can
Outdoor paint, I used Patio Paint
Wooden dowel or garden rod
Drill or nail and hammer
Strong glue - we used the hot glue gun
Bird seed

Step 1 

This step should be completed by an adult. 

Begin by drilling a hole in the bottom of the can (if you don't have a drill you can knock a hole using a nail and hammer) this hole should be big enough to just fit your garden rod. Next begin cutting down the sides of the can to about 3/4 way you need to do this four times. Then bend each strip of can backwards and using the cutters round the edges. Your can should look like this:

Step 2

Looby completed the next part, painting the flower. Inside and out, be careful of any edges that may be sharp.

Step 3

Insert the rod through the hole in the bottom, you will want to angle it slightly so that the flower head sits on a tilt. Using your strong glue - we used a hot glue gun, secure it in place. We applied the glue both inside and outside.

Step 4

Once the glue is dry its time to stake it in your garden, add the bird food, now sit back and see what visits.

For a while it was just Loobys garden gnome but soon the brave got closer and then word got out...

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