Sunday, April 6, 2014

Egg Heads

I am sure that many of you will soon be left with plastic eggs, please don't throw them away. Help the environment by saving them for next year or repurpose them into something. Here is an idea, egg heads. When I went delving into my craft supplies here is a picture of what I planned on us making, ducks and bunnies.

Here is what my three year old ended up making, Monster Ninjas.

Either way it proved to be fun, and the Ninjas went to bed with him.

You will need:

Plastic eggs
Thick Cardboard / foam board
Googly eyes
Chenille sticks (Pipe Cleaners)
Pop Poms
Anything else that might prove fun stuck on an egg to decorate with

Step 1

Take the card board and cut out a base, this can be shaped as feet or a simple shape, I used a quarter circle on the duck and chick but D cut out shoes (he drew around the potato head shoes for the shape). Cover this shape with felt. Now Glue the bottom of the egg towards the back of the shape you cut. We glued them on a slight tilt.

Step 2

Now time to decorate them. How you do this is up to you. For the yellow chick I glued on 2 googly eyes, an orange felt beak and placed a yellow feather in the hole at the top of the egg.

For the bunny I cut some pick felt ears and glued them to cocktail sticks, I inserted the sticks into the holes in the top of the egg and secured with glue. I also added googly eyes and a pom pom for the nose.

D on the other hand added googly eyes, pom poms, feathers and pipe cleaner arms, these were glued on around the back. (I had to hot glue the arms on after bedtime as the tacky glue didn't hold up to a day of Ninja action!).

Here is D in action with his new characters, three year old are all about imaginative play, I think thats why I love this age so much, everything is real and possible. They also make great ways of developing story telling. D is a fabulous story teller, I wish I could bottle it sometimes maybe I'd be able to write a book!

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