Sunday, April 27, 2014

Goggly Eyed Grass Heads

I remember growing a grass head as a child, trimming the hair and giving it hairstyles. I actually think it was one of the first indoor plants I was in charge of, that or a cactus. We decided to try making them ourselves, the kids all wanted to have their own head to style. I must say I think they would all be dead if I hadn't kept up the watering.

You will need:

Nylon stocking
Grass seed
Googly Eyes
Pipe cleaner
Small pot
Elastic band (We used a rainbow loom band)

Step 1

Take a stocking and trim to about 6 inches in length. 

Open up the stocking and try to widen it into a circle so that you can put a layer of grass seed at the closed end.

 Step 2

Take a cupful of soil and add it on top of the grass seed. You can kind of mold it around inside the stocking to create a longer or rounder face to your grass head.

Tie a knot in the open end of the stocking.

Step 3

Pinch a small amount of the soil about halfway down and twist to form small ball, this is going to be the nose, twist a small rubber band around to hold the hose in place.

Step 4

Glue on googly eyes and a pipe cleaner mouth (Or any other things you have to create a face, maybe button eyes or string for the mouth). Stand your head in the pot and water and wait for grass to grow.

We soaked our heads by submerging them in water the first watering, then leaving them sitting in a small pot of water from then after. The knot in the tights helps to suck up the water from the container. If your glue is water based it might lead to eyes falling off with frequent watering (a hot glue gun is best).

Sit your grass heads on a sunny windowsill and keep watering, within 2 weeks you should have hair to trim and style.

Ours have even had a few trips outside to enjoy the warmer spring weather.

Meet Bubas...his name is lightening!

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