Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tie Dyed Eggs

Today a group of girls and I tried something I've been 'dying' to do for a long time. I had read about this technique for dying eggs a while back but put it on the back burner due to the need for a non metallic saucepan and that was something I didn't have. Then in reading through peoples comments on Pinterest I stumbled over someone who had used their crock pot and decided to give it a whirl.

You will need:

Eggs, raw or blown
100% silk neck ties (the 100% silk is important)
Nylon stockings
Crock Pot

Tip: You can pick up second hand silk ties really cheaply at goodwill.

Step 1

Cut open the ties to remove the lining. Take the silk and wrap face down tightly around the egg, secure with the nylon stockings.

Step 2

Place in Crock pot filled 3/4 with water and 1 cup vinegar. This should be preheated so the liquid is hot when you put the eggs in. Put the lid back on and leave as long as you can wait, we lasted about 1 1/2 hrs.

Step 3

Once you think the eggs have had long enough to stew remove eggs from the pot. This is hot so use tongs and have a plate ready to have them sit out on.  Once they have cooled off enough to handle have the kids unwrap them.

It's like Christmas, such a great surprise to see how they turned out.

Love these, and the best bit was the ugliest ties made the prettiest prints. So easy we are definitely going to try this again. 

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