Saturday, April 12, 2014

Milk Jug Mobile

This project is a great because its another use for those gallon milk jugs, and in this house we get through a lot of them. Other than the sharpies its pretty much free and it can take whatever interests your child as its theme. You could also use these as sun catchers if you prefer, just stick them in your window instead of threading them up.

You will need:

Empty milk bottle
String, thread or yarn
2 wooden dowels or small straight twigs

Step 1

Cut out the plastic sides of the milk jug. Take a black sharpie and outline the shape that you wish to have. We found some butterfly templates online to copy which made it easier and the kids also decided to draw around some of my cookie cutters.

Step 2

Color. Using sharpies color in your designs.

Step 3

Cut out your pictures carefully, we left a little boarder around the outside of each object we were cutting out. My five year old needed help with this part because the plastic is a little harder to cut than paper. Once you have cut them out use a hole punch to make a hole in each so that you can thread it to hang. Make sure you make the hole at the top of each object thinking about how it will hang.

My kids discovered they could aim and fire this across the kitchen which became a game in itself.

Step 4

Tie the two sticks together in the center to create a cross, you can slide the sticks later to ensure it hangs straight.

Once you have tied the sticks you can tie the milk jug pictures to them.We had each drawn five items and hung one on each end and one in the center.

Enjoy, they are so pretty especially when they catch the light. I enjoy that the kids all came up with very different themes and how well they all turned out.

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