Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wild Flower Seed Bombs

It seems like you can't read an environmental article these days without hearing about the importance of bees and how through peoples land mismanagement, pollution, pesticides etc bees are dying off. This project is a great friend to the bee and best of all even your 2 year old can help.

The kids at the Blue Barn set about making 'Seed Bombs'. These can be made by anyone old enough to squish play dough and not eat it. Once made they can be placed in an egg box and wrapped as a gift (best put a note into explain!). You could also go guerrilla warfare around your neighborhood and throw the bombs into areas of wasteland to encourage wild flowers back or you could just forget about them somewhere in your own yard and see what blooms.

You will need:

Wild flower seeds
Clay soil or Crayola air dry clay
An egg box

Step 1

Take it outside. You may laugh but I was going to make these with the kids at my kitchen table, we only went out because it was such a perfect day. I am glad I did while easy and fun if you mix kids and dirt you know its gonna get messy.

Mix 1 part seeds to 1 part compost and 3 parts clay plus some water to bind. The kids did this all by themselves with my half cup measure, we did end up get a little carried away with who was adding what so this is a rough estimate but as you mix you can add more of what you need.

Step 2

Get dirty. Time to roll up your sleeves and knead the dough into the compost and seeds.

Step 3

Once the mixture is well combined start to mold into egg size balls and put into an empty egg box.

Once they have dried a bit go 'bombing' and help bring back the flowers for the bees. How far can you throw a seed bomb?

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