Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eco Seedlings

A few years back I started using egg shells to get my seeds growing rather than buying the seedling kits from stores. They have worked wonderfully and so I shared this technic with the Blue Barn kids during our last Eco camp.

You will need:

Empty egg shells broken approximately 2/3 the way up

Step 1

Place some soil in the shell, add a seed (we used pumpkin seeds), cover with more soil so egg is full to top. Place filled egg shell in sunny location.

Step 2

Water, watch and wait. Keeping soil moist but not 'swimming' as I tell the kids, watch your seedlings grow.

Step 3

Once they are ready (and its warm enough) transplant them to your garden. Take the tray outside, decide where you want to plant your seedling. Ours went in the pumpkin patch.

Gently break the bottom of your egg shell to allow the roots to grow further.

Bury to the depth suggested on the seedlings packet.

One happy pumpkin, easily transplanted.

Gardening is tiring work!

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