Sunday, May 4, 2014

Salad Spinner Art

This art activity has become a favorite with the boys and me for two very different reasons. 

I like it because despite how it looks it is actually a really quick clean up, mess contained activity, all the paint goes in the spinner. I even did this with a bunch of my sons friends at his third birthday party, average age 2, guess what? Nobody needed a hose down. 

My boys like it because they get to squirt paint and spin wheels REALLY fast! Plus the art comes out awesome.

You will need:

Salad spinner (I bought mine just for art in IKEA for a few $'s you can got it on Amazon for a little more, the paint does wash out each time but you might not want to use your brand new $50 spinner for the job)
Washable paint
White Tac
Medicine Droppers / Pipets 

Step 1

Cut paper into pieces that will fit inside of spinner. Tac paper down in center.

Add a few drops of color.

Ensure everyone adds equal paint to make things fair, this will lead to boys trying to hold six colors at once.

And a bit more...

Step 2

Spin hard. 

Once all have had a turn, spin again as a team to make it go faster!


Now Repeat

As you can see we could do this for a long time. Only limited by paint and paper. 

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