Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pipe Cleaner Ninja's

My boys are Ninja crazy, be it Teenage Turtles or Lego Ninjago, hence the other day after making the girls fairies out of pipe cleaners and beads the boys wanted Ninjas.  These were simple little guys to make and led to hours of fun and D carried his around with him for the next 3 days.

You will need:
(Per Ninja)

3 pipe cleaners
1 larger bead
2 smaller pony beads
2 drinking straws

Step 1

Take 3 pipe cleaners and twist together in center. You should do 2-3 complete twists to ensure they are held together.

Step 2

Thread the 2 smaller pony beads over two strands and push up to cover twisted center.

Step 3

Cut your straws into 8 pieces approximately 1 inch long. Thread 2 on each leg and 2 on each arm. Bend ends of pipe cleaners up to make hands and feet.

Step 4

Draw a face on the larger bead using your sharpie, we drew a Ninja mask.

Push 2 strands out to the sides and then thread the 2 remaining strands through the larger bead.

Once the head is in place you can either fold pipe cleaners down to create long hair or twist into a knot and trim any excess to create short hair.

And there you have it, Ninja's ready to go. What adventures will yours have?

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  1. those are abomination pipe cleaner ninja i can do better