Thursday, October 23, 2014

Clothes Hanger Spider Web

This recycled clothes hanger is decorating our fireplace for Halloween, its always fun when you can turn trash into art, and it would look just as pretty outside catching the morning sun.

You will need:

Wire clothes hanger
Thin wire
Black pipe cleaners
Bottle top
Googley Eyes

Step 1

Bend pipe cleaner into large circle as shown and bend over hook.

Step 2

Taking the thin wire, bend one end around the edge of the hanger. We used round nose pliers used for jewelry making ti tighten the loop.

Then begin threading the wire back and forth across the circle criss-crossing in the center. Attach to side when needed. 

Step 3

Next we began weaving the web around the wire to create a spider web.

Occasionally we would thread on a bead.

Ending up with something like this.

Step 4

Next we attached the pipe cleaners to the bottle cap to create the spider. We have a small hole punch and I punched 4 holes down each side of the cap (a nail and hammer could also make these holes or use hot glue to attach the legs directly). 

One hole in the top attached the spider to the web

Step 5

Hot glued googley eyes and the web is ready to hang.

One happy little boy checking out his new pet spider in the sun.

So pretty when the sun catches the beads.

Can you tell D has reached the age of photo faces.

Happy Halloween from itsy bitsy

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