Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Homemade Scratch Art

This is one of those projects I remember doing as a child at this time of year to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in the UK (November 5th). It was always strangely satisfying to color a piece of paper in bright color crayons only to go over them all in black and then recreate the wonder of bonfire night.

You will need:

Card / heavy paper we recycled the inside of a cracker box
Black Tempera Paint
Dish Washing Liquid
Blunt pencil

Step 1

Color card in multiple colors, any pattern

Step 2

Mix 2 drops of the dish washing liquid into about 2tbl spoons of the black paint.

Step 3

Cover colored paper with a layer of the paint mixture. 

D really enjoyed this bit, he could not believe I was telling him to color over the pretty coloring.

Leave to dry

Step 4

Once dry take the end of an unsharpened pencil and etch your picture into it. D did such a great job drawing his person, grass and lots of fireworks.

Such a fun project this homemade scratch paper could be used in so many ways with beautiful results.

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