Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sharpie Pumpkins

We LOVE the white pumpkins found in the farms around us this year. What better a canvas for Halloween?

You will need:

White pumpkin

This is such a great project for when you have something to get done and need to keep them busy. Which has been me the past 2 weeks with D home with a broken arm and told to play quiet (a seemingly impossible task for my ninja loving 3 year old!)

Just put out the Sharpies and pumpkins and let them create. I added a mat under D because I didn't want Sharpie all over my table cloth. Art is like a magnet in our house so when the others got off the school bus they all had to make one too.

I love all the different ideas they came up with.

So pretty out on the porch

I think these might multiply, they've already asked if I can get more pumpkins. 

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