Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Slime

You have to love slime, and it's so simple after you've made it once you'll be making over and over. Slime keeps my kids quiet for hours and if I'm honest I love playing with it too, you really are never too old for slime.

So on a rainy Thursday while the bigs are at school what better activity for me and my one armed bandit.

You will need:

Elmer's glue
Warm water
Halloween spiders / halloween confetti

For a how to make slime follow this link to our valentine slime recipe. This time round we omitted the food coloring and hearts were replaced with spiders for a Halloween feel.

Step 1

Create a batch of slime. Make sure you get your hands in for kneading.

Step 2

Add spiders and play. 

We had spiders stuck in the mud, spider pizza and spider cookies. (They don't really keep their shape!)

Squeeze slime into a jar, the fart putty sounds never really get old.

And when D knocked it over, more fun...Super goo swallowing spiders

Spider races

And we made enough slime to share with a buddy, because "Bastian likes Spiderman so he must LOVE spiders!"

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