Sunday, November 18, 2018

Create a Turkey or Peacock collage

So for those of us in the United States I couldn't let November slip by without a little turkey craft.  However, knowing that many of you will not be feasting on turkey and stuffing this week I thought I would include an extra peacock/swan bird template so that you can totally join in the fun and create a bird too using this really cool transparency film method. 

So these super duper awesome feathers were created using a really fun process. The process involves painting and color mixing first on transparency sheets. The painting of which are just SO good to paint because the paint glides onto the smooth surface so effortlessly the kids will have a great time swirling and splurging all the yummy colors together. But what I like best about this collage is that we end up using the reverse side of the film so you get these really cool color mixing reverse brush strokes which are lost usually when you paint on paper.

Anyway not to prattle on too much please check out our super simple bird collages below, which by the way I am totally in love with. 

You will need:

Transparency paper
Bird Template
Acrylic Paint

Step 1

To begin have your child paint with acrylic paint all over the transparency film. This is a great opportunity to practice color mixing - but remember only use two of the primary colors unless you want a brown sludge. For example yellow-red-orange or red-blue-purple or yellow-blue-green. Once you have painted a couple of films leave to dry completely - this might take overnight especially if the paint is thick.

Step 2

Paint a sheet of white paper in a solid color we chose red for our turkey but any color would work. Once your paper is dry take our template which you can find here and cut the shape that you would like to use.  

Step 3

Once your painted transparency is dry cut lots of feather shapes out of it. If you have younger children you might want to do this for them. You really will need a lot of feathers to create one bird, try and cut the feathers so you get a range of shimmery color on each feather.

Step 4

Glue the turkey or peacock body to the center of the piece of plain paper. Try not to glue right to the edge of the body shape as you'll need to tuck feathers in underneath the edge in a minute.

Step 5

Begin by tucking in the feathers around the edge of the shape. I like to glue the feathers paint side down, this allows all the wonderful color mixing swirls to show through giving the feathers some texture. When you add the feathers be sure to overlap them slightly.

Once you have begun the first layer build up layers behind tucking the base of the feathers behind as pictured below.

Build up to fill all the space behind your turkey. When you run our of feathers give your bird a face - we used some sticker eyes and an off cut of the transparency film for a beak but really anything works - you could have you children draw on the face.

Our finished turkey, heres wishing those that celebrate a very, 

Happy Thanksgiving

And for those that don't celebrate why not use this method to create a Swan or a Peacock, who says turkeys get all the fun!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Dress a Scarecrow

Anyone else feel like Fall is hurtling by at record speed? I feel like I just recovered from Halloween and today I see my calendar has me almost half way through November how can that be? In part I know the answer is because of my children's crazy enthusiasm for every season, no idea where they get that from (hehe). This past weekend we did all those good fall activities like leaf raking, apple cider drinking and cinnamon baking before settling around a nice log fire and crafting. Perfect, I love fall.

I created a simple fun scarecrow printable for the kids to cut out and decorate. It ended up being such an easy and simple activity for all ages I thought it worth sharing here too so that you too can go make your own scarecrow and enjoy a warm fall crafty afternoon thats easy peasy and only requires access to a printer, scissors and glue.

You will need:

  • Scarecrow printable download your own here
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Patterned paper and or fabric (Download free patterned paper we created here)

Step 1

Print the two scarecrow PDF's from here. Then have your child cut the templates out for cloth sizing, and also have them cut out the different faces and the hat if they wish. If you have young children you might want to do the cutting part fir them and let them do the sticking.


Step 2

Gather your patterned paper and fabric or print your own from our selection here. Then using the template have your child cut various t-shirts and trousers for the scarecrow to wear.

Step 3

Once you have a few different options lay out the decorate a scarecrow sheet and have your child fashion their scarecrow. Encourage them to add extra details not included with the printable, maybe they'd like to design their own hat or draw their own face - let them get creative. 

Want to extend the activity color the hat or add other items in the background. Or why not offer buttons, yarn or ribbon to embellish their outfits, add real straw for hair etc.

We hope you enjoy a fun crafty scarecrow session as much as we did with these. Drop us a note and let me know what you think if you use them, I'd love to hear from you.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Andy Warhol Skulls

Halloween seems like the perfect time to recreate the Andy Warhol skulls in an art study for kids, and even if its not Halloween this is still a pretty fun project to try any time. Plus, this collage method makes it really easy for everyone to take home their very own famous piece of art.

You will need:

4 different color papers - 2 sheets of each
A printer
Elmers Glue
A skull image the one we printed is here

Step 1

Load your printer with one sheet of each color paper and print the skull image onto the sheet of paper.

Step 2

Carefully cut around the outside of the skull, make sure you start cutting from the bottom of the piece of paper as your going to be using more of the paper later on so you need to have the cut at the bottom.

Repeat with each skull image until you have four skulls in different colors.

Step 3

Next take each piece of paper left from cutting out the skulls and slice straight across so you have the shaded top part of the image to use.

Step 4

The last piece of cutting  you'll need to do is cut a shadow scrap from the discarded pieces of paper, depending on the color of paper your working with if you look carefully you might be able to make out the shadow from the original printed image but if not just cut a small curved shape similar size to the size of the lower part of the skull. 

Step 5

Now each child should be able to mix and match using the remaining 4 pieces of paper and the cut out items. You want to have one piece of each color. For example if you have a blue background you have a yellow sky, red skull and turquoise shadow. They also will each require a glue stick.

Step 6

Glue each piece onto the background paper to recreate the original skull photo. To begin add a sky. Then add the skull, you might need to angle it slightly so it fills the space in the background. Finally add the shadow under the skull.

You can repeat four times if your doing this at home with your kids or if in a classroom use lots of colors of paper and see how many different variations you can create. Have fun with it. What else could you create this way? Find other images to print out on colorful paper and create your own Warhol images.

10 (super easy) No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

At the beginning of October over on Instagram I shared 10 super easy ways to decorate a pumpkin without having to carve it. I thought it might be nice to put a quick round up of the 10 ideas here to make it easy to find them if your still in need of Pumpkin inspiration at the last minute.

1. Polka Dot Pumpkin

All you need for this is some confetti tissue paper circles and glue. Have the kids paint the pumpkin with white school glue and then let them stick on the tissue paper.

2. Kwik Stix Pumpkins 

We love our Kiwi Stix this rainbow pumpkin was a white snowball pumpkin but the darker colors worked well on the orange pumpkins too. Just left the kids use them like crayons on the pumpkin.

3. Tattooed Pumpkins

Honestly probably one of my kids favorites, and SO easy. All you need is a pack of tattoos we picked ours up at the party store nothing fancy. Have them wet a cloth and apply the tattoos to their pumpkins just as they would to their arms.

4. Oil Pastels

Oil pastels glide on super easily to the pumpkins - this was an orange pumpkin. You'll want to seal the pumpkin afterwards with hairspray to stop the chalk coming off everywhere.

5. String and paper fasteners

I think this was one of the favorites over on Instagram, super easy even for little ones. I like the paper fasteners because no pricked fingers but push pins would totally work too. Have the kids push the pins in and then wrap yarn or embroidery thread around the pumpkins.

6. Pom Pom Pumpkin

This one is my favorite but just a heads up its was a labor of love, my kids got bored of sticking pom poms on pretty quick and so I was left to finish the job. Hot glue was called in too because after the elmers school glue dried half the pom poms needed reattaching. Totally worth it though if you ask me.

7. Washi Tape Pumpkin

Need a mess free super cool pumpkin for a class party? I recommend the wash tape pumpkin. Seriously good for any age, you can even pre cut pieces of tape for tiny ones to make their own pumpkin. and just ook how awesome they turn out.

8. Chalk Paint Pumpkins

Takes a little beforehand prep but then this is another super easy idea. I resprayed all the pumpkins with black chalk paint then all the kids needed was the chalk markers to decorate with. We like Fun Chalk Markers because they are super bright. Check out our blog post where we created some fun halloween characters this way.

9. Scratch Art Pumpkin

This was this years completely new experiment and it was awesome. Have you ever made your own scratch art paper? Its super easy read how we make it here. Anyway for scratch art pumpkins we simply used a white pumpkin instead of paper - did I mention this was AWESOME. The kids loved it!

10. Comic Strip Pumpkin

Last but not least why not take collage to a pumpkin? We had fun cutting up old comic books but any magazines would work.  Add a little school glue and you have one cool pumpkin!

I hope you enjoyed our pumpkin fest this year as much as we did. 

Happy Halloween

Friday, August 3, 2018

Sew-A-Softie Giant Ice Cream

For the past three Summers the kids and I have throughly enjoyed ourselves by participating in an event called 'Sew A Softie' organized by Trixi over @coloredbuttons we signed up again this year but life delayed me getting this simple sewing tutorial out when I was intending to in July. But better late than never, I grabbed my kiddos and we got sewing over this past weekend at Granny's house and I finally made myself sit down to share our easy 'how to' with you all.

So don't delay grab yourself a plain old pillow case today and get crafty with a needle to create a giant puffy ice cream alongside us. And be sure to check out all the other amazing bloggers that joined in Sew a Softie 2018 alongside us.

To make your giant ice cream will need:

A clean pillowcase 
Kwik Stix
A sharpie
Embroidery Thread
A needle
Pillow stuffing

Step 1

Sketch the giant ice cream onto one side of the pillow case.

Step 2

Let your children color/paint the ice cream shape. We are currently traveling so we chose to use our favorite mess free Kwik Stix to use while at Granny's house. They work really well on the fabric and dry really quickly and are washable but you might want to protect your table.

Step 3

Once you are all done coloring your ice cream its time to get sewing. We found it much easier to sew around our ice cream before we cut the shape out as the seems of the pillow case helped to keep the two pieces together without them moving around too much. Its pictured slightly differently here because I forgot to snag a picture of the kids sewing before the shapes were cut, instead here is a picture with the gap we left in the side ready for stuffing.

We sewed around the edges with a simple running stitch, this is really easy even for little ones to pick up as you thread the embroidery thread up and down around the edge. Once you have stuffed the pillow you can sew up the remaining gap and tie the two ends together in a knot. (We used some bubble wrap and plastic bags this time as we were away and didn't have any pillow stuffing at hand.)

And thats it, one super soft and super simple sew a softie to get kids sewing this summer.

Who wouldn't want a giant ice cream at Granny's house?