Thursday, February 15, 2018

Chinese Dragon Mask

Are you all set to celebrate the Chinese New Year starting tomorrow? If like me you were all hearts up until yesterday you might be looking for a quick last minute activity to do with your kiddos and this one fits the bill perfectly. I've even included a FREE printable so all you have to do is hit print and then let your little one get coloring. So if you you'd like to get your hands on one of these fun dragon templates read on.

You will need:

Coloring pens / crayons or Kwik Stix
Colored tissue paper
Colored paper to decorate with

Step 1

Have your child color the mask. We used a lot of red and gold traditional chinese new year colors plus some yellow and green dragon colors. Keep it bright and bold.

Step 2

Once you have colored your mask its time to make the fire. Take a few squares of colored tissue paper, red/yellow/orange and fold them together cutting the ends at an angle to make flames. Attach them to your mask with glue.

Step 3

If you'd like to decorate your dragon further why not cut scraps of colored paper to create spikes and scales. Or cut horns out of gold paper. Attach both things with glue and allow to dry.

Your dragon is complete! Nows the time to cut holes in it and attach string to create a mask. Or maybe make a whole collection of them and string them together as bunting!! Either way they make a great decoration to bring in the year of the dog!!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Valentines Rosette

Do you ever wonder what to do with all the gorgeous art pieces your little one creates? Maybe you went to town one day with some fun process art time and now your faced with a whole lot of painted paper. Not to worry there is no need to trash those gorgeous colors today we are turning them into some pretty Valentines to give away - note preschool teachers these would also make an ace valentine for Mom if you want to make them with your kiddos. Want to find out what we are making? Read on...

You will need:

Your kids painted artwork
Some Valentine colored/patterned paper
Our printable center can be downloaded here - or make your own message 

Step 1

Cut a piece of artwork paper in half, always remember to get a young artists permission first!

Fold the piece of paper back and forth concertina style. Repeat for the second piece.

Step 2

Take one of the concertina papers and fold in half. Glue the two sides that face each other together. Repeat this step with the second half and leave to dry.

Once the two halves are dry open them up to create a fan shape, now glue the two fans together along the straight side to create a wheel.

Step 3

Taking the colored/patterned paper cut a heart that will sit in the center of the rosette. Also cut two long rectangle shapes with a triangle removed from one ends it resembles a ribbon.

Step 4

Glue the heart to the front and center of the wheel.

Glue the ribbons to the back - make sure you have the ribbons hanging down when you turn it over.

Tape a safety pin to the back of the rosette so your recipient can wear it with pride.

Step 5

Print off our sheet of rosette centers and cut out the circles.

Glue the circle onto the center of the heart.

A beautiful rosette to hand the person you wish to give your heart to and all made from that old stack of process art.

Happy Valentines day, the world needs more love

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rubber Band Stamps

We are back, I hope you all had a great Christmas and are ready to dive back into the New Year bring on 2018! I woke up News Years day with lots of awesome plans for the year ahead, don't you just love that one day different and you feel like you get to start over? Well I did until we were hit by those extreme cold temps here in the North East and suddenly my 'take care of yourself' goals had to be paused a moment while I had four kids home from school for an extra 5 days. We made the best of it, ice skating, fort building and lots of hot coco and crafting.

These easy stamps are one of the crafts we did when the weather outside was frightful. They were fun to make and a great reuse for some of those elastic bands you get tied around your broccoli. For some reason I can never throw them out because 'they might be useful' so now I have lots.

What you will need:

School glue
Small pieces of cardboard - they don't have to be circles
Elastic bands - ours came off our veggies but if you buy some the thicker the better
Ink pads or paint for printing

Step 1

Draw the shape or picture you want to create onto your cardboard cut out. Then begin to cut the elastic bands to fit it. If you need them long and skinny and only have these super recycled thick ones then you can cut them lengthwise.

Step 2

Paint a layer of glue over the cardboard using a brush. Then begin to stick your elastic bands down. You can see here my daughter using lots of little pieces to create the curve in her heart - if the pieces are too long and you are trying to bend them into a curve they can curl up as they dry.

Step 3

Leave your stamp to dry. Once dry break out the ink pads and get printing. If you don't have ink pads try paint on a sponge so the stamp doesn't get swamped in paint as you go to make a print.

Have fun, can you build a picture using your new stamps? Maybe you could create a stamp and print your own thank you cards or invitations. Or what about coming up with your own custom collage paper? 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Patchwork Petunia

With only 2 weeks until Christmas its time for 'Books love Crafts' week over on my Instagram account. This week on Instagram I am going to be sharing a few of my favorite Christmas Stories alongside some easy crafts to keep kids busy over the Christmas Holidays. I've picked a few of my favorite to write up here on the blog, the first of which is todays pick 'Petunia's Christmas'.

This book was first published in 1967 but is completely new to me this year. I first sighted it over on someones feed on Instagram (sorry I can't find where now) and was intrigued by their write up. I didn't think much more about it until 4 days later when a copy arrived on my doorstep gifted and I have no idea who sent it! This lovely surprise meant that the creative universe was absolutely trying to send me a message so I sat down and read it straight away and LOVED the story. Immediately I knew this had to be one of my Christmas story picks. Not to give the whole story away the plot revolves around a very clever and creative goose named 'Petunia' and yes it has a happy ending!

To go alongside this book today I have 3 separate crafty invitations for your kids, and all of them can be made with some basic craft supplies.

You will need:

Cereal Box
Goose stencil - PDF attached if you want to use mine or draw your own freehand
Fabric (or patterned paper if you don't have fabric scraps)
Ric Rac /Ribbon and shiny gems to decorate

For the second project you will need paper and crayons and/or kwik stix
For the third project you will need rosemary and ribbon

Step 1

To begin with the patchwork Petunia, draw the shape onto the cereal box.

Cut the shape out only make one slice into the cardboard to cut around the shape because you will need the off cuts for project 2.

Once the Goose is cut out tape up the cut you made into it so you now have two templates, positive and negative.

Step 2

Give your child strips of fabric to glue onto the cardboard goose.

Use plenty of glue

Encourage you child to glue on top of the fabric as well as underneath and to overlap the pieces.

Once you are finished you should not be able to see the shape of the goose at all. Leave it to onesie to dry.

Step 3  

While you wait do Project 2

While the glue is drying on the goose open up the book and talk to your child about how Petunia disguises herself with paint in one of her cunning plans. Wouldn't it be funny to see a goose painted and dressed up in real life? What colors do you think the goose would pick? would you be scared by the dragon bird if you saw Petunia?

Taking the other part of the cardboard stencil tape it still to a piece of white paper. We used a mixed media paper so it was heavy duty and wouldn't tear easily. Taking our favorite Kwik Stix we designed our own scary goose disguises. (If you don't have kiwi Stix crayons or paint would also work for this.)

Once you have filled all the blank space, remove the template to show your scary goose.

Project 3

This is another quick project for the kids to do while the glue is drying.  We picked a few sprigs of Rosemary from the garden. If you don't have rosemary you could use pine like Petunia or another scented green leafed plant. Show your children again some of the pretty wreaths Petunia makes to sell and make money. With a little sprig of green make your own mini wreath.

Take a little Rosemary, oh it smells SO GOOD. Have your kids smell it, use all of their senses. Wrap it into a circle and help them tie the two ends together with a little bow of red ribbon or string.

Step 4

Continuing with Project 1...

Once the glue is dry cut around the edge of the cardboard to trim the excess fabric from the goose.

Allow your children to decorate the goose, ribbon, rik-rac, buttons and sequins whatever you have on hand. If they like they can even add the rosemary garland as a necklace like Petunia did in the story.

Once you are all decorated you can mount your patchwork goose onto backing paper to display.

Petunia hopes you enjoy this fun Christmas story as much as we did - Merry Christmas from the Farm!