Friday, February 7, 2014

Bubble painting

A quick post today as I thought I'd share our bubble painting with you. So much fun, they all would have been happy with just the bubble blowing. 

You will need:

Shallow tray
2 cups Bubble mixture
1 cup tempura paint (washable poster paint)

- if you want to skip the art part you could just use food coloring and dish soap.

Step 1

Pour the paint and bubble liquid into the tray and mix together. Grab a straw and blow. Young children should be warned to blow not suck - you can put a small hole in the top of their straw to prevent them sucking in the solution.

E and Buba had a bubble off

Step 2

My kids really would have been happy with this as the project and competing to see who could grow the largest bubbles. However, my intention was to create some cool prints so we grabbed some white printing paper and gently lowered it onto the bubbles.

The end result, a lot of fun and a cool pattern printed, I love the marks each bubble forms, we dipped each piece multiple times in different colors to get this effect. 

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