Monday, February 24, 2014

Homemade Peg board

Another boredom buster for us to day as our brief spell of above freezing weather this past weekend did little to remove the 2 foot of snow that was covering the ground, it just seemed to create either slush or ice. Anyway this was a Mommy created toy due to all the pins but it has kept them all entertained at various points today so I class it as a hit.

You will need:

Poster board
Exacto knife
Push pins
Duct tape 
Elastic Bands

Step 1

Cut 2 pieces of poster board to size mine was 10'' x 8" but you could go larger. Remember you will just need more pins. Once you have 2 pieces the same size glue the two together.

Now if you have board already marked with a grid you can use that, I didn't so using a ruler and pencil I marked 1" squares across the board.

Step 2

Next you take a pin and press it into the first dot, remove it, put a small dot of glue into (on top) of dot and then reinsert the pin. Repeat for every dot.

Step 3

Finally I taped a duct tape boarder around the board and left the pins to dry. Once it was dry I checked all the pins were secure (I had to re-glue a couple) and then I gave it to D to play with. To be honest I was surprised at how long it kept him busy, he enjoyed stretching the elastic bands as far as he could and in his orderly way made a nice straight line pattern, you can see the concentration on his face.

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