Monday, February 3, 2014

Window Valentine

Contact paper is awesome isn't it? It's my no mess go to craft, so easy for any age to create something wonderful.  Today my boys got home from school and were just in one of those moods where they needed to wrestle. After a short time of trying to get them to stop I decided I was going to have to come up with a craft to entertain them and as we have now hit February already we set about making these simple Valentine window decorations.

You will need:

Contact paper
Tissue paper selection - red, pink and white
Children's Scissors

Step 1

To begin I gave the boys strips of different color tissue paper and had them cut it into squares. This is a great fine motor activity plus 'D' is obsessed with being allowed to use scissors at the moment so he jumps at any project where I mention scissors are involved.

Step 2

The next part was to give both boys a square of contact paper. It was about 12 inches square and I peeled the backing off it for them and laid it sticky side up on the table. I then had the boys cover the square with the tissue paper.

Step 3

Once the contact paper was completely covered I cut another square and stuck it to the top to seal in all the tissue paper. We then folded it in half and draw a half a heart along the fold. Buba then cut along the line through both sides to create the heart. It was too thick for D so I cut his.

Step 4

Now you can unfold your heart and tape it to your window. The boys were so delighted with how the sun highlighted all the layers and colors.

How beautiful are these? Just what you need to cheer the place up with all this snow on the ground still.

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