Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Heart Wreath

The girls decided the boys had all the fun with our Valentines window decorations so on todays snow day they set to creating a wreath for the door.  This project is definitely aimed at slightly older kids just because they have to be able to tie knots, but other than that its really simple and a no mess project.

You will need:

Fabric scraps
Wire clothes hanger
Wire cutters - to help shape wire into heart

Step 1

To begin take a wire clothes hanger and shape into a heart as shown in the picture above. Twist the ends together and trim any excess with the wire cutters.

Once you have your heart you can cut the fabric into strips, ours were approximately 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. I am always stashing away odd fabrics from old clothes and other odd projects, you never know when you could reuse them. We selected a variety of red, pinks, whites and pale blue to be Valentine colors.

Step 2

Begin to tie the fabric in small knots around the clothes hanger, push the knots together as you go. E was kept busy for a long time with this but her fingers got tired so Loobey took over to finish the job.

The girls had to cut more and more fabric for this until we had enough all around. We tied a ribbon from the join in the hanger in order to hook it on the door.

I love it.

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