Sunday, February 16, 2014

Credit Card Color Mixing

Whilst busy making Valentine pictures the other day I highlighted another project we had tried. Paint mixing; painting with a plastic card (old credit/gift card). These are the pictures we created, I love how they turned out.

You will need:

Thick card stock - we used inside of an old cereal box
Acrylic paint
Plastic card
Magazine pictures

Step 1

The painting stage. Place a few spots of paint around the card, a few different coordinating colors is best.

Then taking the plastic card scrape the paint across the paper, this is best done in a few strokes. Less is often better as the more you go over scrapes the paint quickly becomes more and more mixed. All four of mine love this stage and often get carried away, the great thing about this is there is no wrong way and every stroke can show a completely different splurge of color.

Stage 2

As the paint dries have the children select a picture from old magazines, maybe one that has good colors to match, great texture or an aspect they think represents their likes. We discussed lots of pictures but they all choose very different ones, Looby matched colors, E found a great picture of a forest which had a great texture to it and Buba and D both found things they loved to represent them.

They drew around their hands and cut it out. 

Once the pain is dry glue the hand print to the picture.

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