Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Silly String Art

I love silly string when I was a kid I used to get silly string every year in my stocking from Santa, it was awesome and messy and great fun.

During the snow day yesterday I dug out a can of silly string and we used it in art. To be honest it was all about the fun of the 'creating' but I like the pictures at the end too. Next time they all decided they needed one can of string each...maybe.

You will need:

1 Can of silly string
Paint, we used a red sparkly tempura paint

This project is so straight forward, have the kids spray silly string all over their pictures, then paint on top. Once its all dry you can scrape off the silly string to create a cool effect in the paint. I think the pictures say it best for this project.

D needed help to begin with to hold the can upright while spraying but he quickly wanted to do it 'all by myself' and figured it out.

The painting required ended up getting as messy as the string. when they decided they all needed to squirt the bottle out onto their paper.

The end results were great, am thinking up ways now to use these in their Valentines next week.

Looby left her silly string on, it has great texture to it which doesn't show up so great here.

E decided to scrape hers and leave a cool worm track exposed.

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