Thursday, February 13, 2014

Masking Tape Hearts

A quick painting project to keep the kids entertained during another snow day here in the North east; this winter really is the winter to end all winters.

You will need:

Thick paper, we used the inside of an old cereal packet
Acrylic paint - pink and white
Masking tape

We've done a lot of masking tape painting recently, its easy and as I will share another day we have had some great pictures from it. Today we chose to tape hearts. They all did this differently, I taped D's for him in one go. E and Buba tore of many little pieces of tape to create their hearts.

Then they either sponge painted over the entire card as D and E did. I gave them the paint and let them mix it as they sponged it onto their picture.

Or spread the paint with a credit card - I will share this credit card painting with you tomorrow as we produced other pictures too today with this.

Once the paper was covered we left it to dry

Once it was dry the kids peeled back the tape to see the hearts they'd created.


  1. Great creativity!!
    Its great use of masking tape , good work!!


  2. That’s cute! And apparently, fun enough to make and keep the kids occupied on a cold day. What other crafty elements did you guys make out of paper, colors, and masking tape? I’d love to hear more of your messy and fun endeavors with the kids in the future. Thanks for always sharing your craftsmanship!

    Lauren Woods @ Adhesive Tapes

  3. Thanks Lauren nice to think someone reads it! Given me a reason to get me motivated to keep blogging our work. Thank you.