Monday, February 10, 2014

Class Valentine's

So today is less of a how to and more of a 'here is'. I've had E home sick today so we made her Valentines, unfortunately she wasn't really in the mood to share so heres a look at the finished thing. The idea came from a play on words, we were thinking of her classmates all 'being' friends and intended to make a card with jelly beans attached. Alas, I was too unorganized and so when we got to the store today they were already clearing out the valentines to make space for Easter Eggs.

Luckily Cadburys Creme eggs have always helped my brain think better so I bought one of those instead and while I sat enjoying my first of the season it hit me. I quickly headed for the hardware store for real beans to plant, genius...told you creme eggs are magic!

At home I had some burlap ribbon left from another project so while I hot glue gunned the burlap E got busy cutting hearts from paint strips I'd also collected at the hardware store. She added 'You've 'bean' a good friend' and then we wrapped a bow around it.

We later realized she hadn't signed it so we added a second smaller heart with 'From E'

They were very simple to make and are so E, I love them. 

D came in from school and wanted to do his. I had already decided to melt crayons into hearts but when I saw the color name on the paint strip I changed my mind. 'Be Mine' how perfect was that?

Instead I decided to have him glue on the heart and then I hot glued on a whole crayon so it looked more like Cupids Arrow.  Inside we wrote, 'You make school colorful'.

So with Looby's bookmark's from the other day thats 3 kids down, one to go. 

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