Saturday, February 22, 2014

Re-Purposed Altoids Box into TicTacToe

O.k I know most of the time I'm heading out to a doctors appointment, restaurant or some place I expect the kids to sit still I bank on my iPhone to keep them quiet but I really hate relying on it too much (plus then what am I meant to do?!?) so I usually end up grabbing a book, coloring, small car etc to keep them busy.  So as I came to the end of my last Altoids box I decided to re-purpose it, I mean could you ever throw them out? I can't they are just a perfect case for something right? Now I had a reason to save them.

So far the kids and I have at least 8 grab and go uses for the tins, I plan on sharing them all with you but as I have this one finished we will start here; TicTacToe.

You will need:

Altoids box
Felt in 2 colors
10 small pieces, we used beads in 2 colors

Step 1

Begin by tracing the top and bottom of the Altoids tin onto one color of felt. Glue this to the inside of the lid.

Step 2

Next we cut 4 strips of felt in the other color, 2 were slightly shorter due to the shape of the tin.

We glued these in to form the tic tac toe board.

Now time to play, we've already tested this out on the soccer sidelines! Next up snap in a tin, photos to follow.


Here is the next Altoids box; Word Magnet, so simple. We cut words from magazines and stuck them to magnets then put them in a tin. I lined the top of the tin. Another game to play.

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