Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring Flowers

So todays post was influenced by a gorgeous bunch of Daffodils I have brightening my home. I love Daffodils, maybe it is my Welsh roots (they are the flower of Wales) or maybe it is their bright sunny color signifying the end of winter. All I know is as soon as they hit the shops they find their way to my house.

This is really such a simple project even the littlest can participate, if you don't mind maybe stained hands from the food coloring.

You will need:

Coffee filters
Food coloring - we used yellow, orange and pink
A couple of small containers
Green Pipe Cleaners / Chenille Stems

Step 1

Add a few drops of the food coloring to each pot and mix with a little water (our cups were about 1/4 full after mixing with water).

Next we added color to the coffee filters, D just wanted to use the stirring spoon to sprinkle his papers with the colored water, this worked great until he got carried away and I had to use a few extra filters to soak up the excess.

Buba decided to follow my advice and tried twisting up the papers in different way to watch how they absorbed the liquid. This gave us some cool tie-dye effects which was what I was after.

I think the boys could have dyed the entire packet of filters, they really did get carried away when they got going. We covered the table and then I told them we had to let them dry.

You could leave them to dry overnight but we have no patience so I set the oven to the lowest setting and put them in until they dried. I think I had the whole lot dry in about 20 minutes.

Stage 2

The girls arrived home at this point and as the boys had no interest in fiddling with the stems they let the girls turn them into flowers. To do this we pinched the middle of two or three papers together and twisted a green chenille stem around the end. 

Looby found if she folded one filter paper into eighths and then bunched a second around it she could create a 'trumpet' similar to my Daffodils.

It took no time at all to use up all our filter papers and we ended up with a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Almost as beautiful as my Daffodils but I'm a little bias where they are concerned. The fact Looby had to spray them with 1D perfume doesn't help!

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