Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sand Dough

We spent our day dreaming of summer here today. We built an indoor tent and set up camp, along with sleeping bags, pretend fire, marshmallow toasting, indoor fishing and a scavenger hunt. Buba even set up stars for us to gaze at while I played them the sound of crickets; sometimes you just need to think like a child to feel better and let your imagination soar, it did wonders for the soul and cost nothing.

When 'D' informed me that in the summer we play in the sand I thought I'd oblige, I set about creating him some indoor sand. (Our sand box is currently under about 2 ft of snow.)

You will need:

5 cups flour
1 cup oil (I used coconut oil just because its edible and smells nice but you could also use baby oil)
Glitter (Optional)

This is so easy to make, either by hand or in a food processor mix the flour and oil together. If you are doing it by hand you will have to continue to rub it between your fingers until it looks like fine bread crumbs. In my processor it took about 2 minutes, I love that thing. Once it was combined I added some glitter and toys, a sand box was born.

I have a dog that eats everything, so spilt flour smelling like coconut was quickly cleaned up but if you have no dog you might want to put a sheet down or be prepared to vacuum. 

It's great because it looks and crumbles like sand but can be molded together to build castles just like play doh.

Buba came in from the snow and got stuck straight in too.

What a fun way to spend a snow day, now how many days till spring?...

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