Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cuppy Catch Ball

So this idea sprung from a Charlie and Lola episode in which Lola creates a new game for the playground called 'Cuppy Catch Ball'.

Today facing another snow day the girls and I set about making our own version to play with.

For this you will need:

Disposable cup
Aluminium Foil
Tissue Paper
Modge Podge / Glue
Sticky Tape

Step 1

To begin have an adult pierce a hole in the top of the cup and thread the string through and tie. Tape over the tied knot with tape, we used masking tape.

Step 2

Cover the outside of the cup with tissue paper, use glue both sides of the tissue paper to seal it.

Step 3

Once it is dry take a square of the aluminum foil and scrunch to an oval shape, tie the other end of the string around it and then form it into a ball around the tied loop. The length of the string makes the end game easier or harder, the longer the string the harder it is.

And that's it, game on now see how many times you can catch the ball in the cup. Be warned it is quite addictive.

Did it !!

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