Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Little Town

For Christmas this year D had requested in his letter to Santa the following items; tiny trees, a road, a rock and a truck. He told us, his teachers and both Santa's he met in the run up to Christmas. Luckily Santa came through including the trees, rock and truck along with a roll of road tape, we had a very happy boy.

Today when he pulled out the building blocks and road tape he wanted to build a small town for his car. As he began building with his blocks I decided to expand his town with some new houses. This proved to be a really fun free way to reuse the trash to create a new play world with a little imagination.

You will need:

Raid the recycling for a few boxes
White paper, we used our roll of Melissa and Doug easel paper
Scissors and Tape

While D was busy setting up his blocks I wrapped the boxes for him.

He was super excited and keen to get drawing once I told him what the boxes were for. I draw the first house to help him see what I meant but then he was very insistent to do the rest all by himself.

I was amazed at how carefully he thought about his houses and how carefully he drew on the details.

Once done he stood them all up and then built up his blocks to finish the street.

His little town kept him busy for the rest of the afternoon. As is often the case the simplest ideas much like the simplest toys are the best, and what can be easier than blocks.

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