Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stress Balls

I loved these; I mean the next time I see the words 'snow day' ping up on my phone I'm going to grab one of these and count to ten. Forget making them for the kids, every parent, care giver or teacher should make their own personal stress ball.

You will need:

Corn Starch (about 1 cup per ball)
Balloons (3-4 per ball)
chopstick or unsharpened pencil

Step 1

Place the funnel in one balloon and begin to fill with the corn starch. You will have to work it down into the balloon with your hand and the chopstick. Keep pushing the corn starch in to stretch out the balloon until you have the size you want. This gets a bit messy but is quick to wipe up when your done.

Once it is filled tie it in a knot and trim off the top of the balloon.

Step 2

Taking the other balloons cut off the neck further down.

Now pull the balloon over the filled balloon. Repeat a second and third time alternating the ends you pull it over to create layers. I used alternating colors to show the layers but all one color is fine too.

Step 3

Play, squeeze, juggle or throw. How many indoor games can you come up with to relieve the snow/rain day blues.


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  2. wow..
    Such a beautiful blog...
    my baby also love to play with variety of fruit stress balls.

    Its really helpful..

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